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Mic- Mad

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Young Tycoons was founded in 2015 by Mic-Mad, and Lostman with the vision to create high-quality music that could be distributed to the masses. Diverse in sound, the record label produces music incorporating sounds of neo-soul, hip-hop, dance-hall, and R&B.In addition to being a record label, the company also specializes in content creation, animation, and film/TV production. READ MORE



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Lostman got his name from early on playing percussion drums. He was known as the guy who would get "lost" in music. Growing up in Miami-Dade County in Florida, Lostman picked up drumsticks by the age of 7 and was fully immersed in the art of sound. Speaking on his views on his craft he notes, "I feel like music is one of the purest forms of expression". In the 6th grade after coming across a show on 



Biz Levin

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Biz Levin got his nickname from having a reputation of being random guy in the studio always getting "busy". Born in Miami, FL and raised in Jacksonville, Biz grew up around music as his mother was a singer. Always having a love for the art form, Biz developed skills as a singer and songwriter as a young man.


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